They say the only permanent thing in this world is change, and for me that’s a fact. There was a time wherein the stock market was the fastest way get rich if you had the courage to enter the business and finance world, there was also an era wherein skyscrapers where being build everywhere hence professions in the field of architecture and engineering were badly needed, and even a time when outbreaks and epidemics happened that there was a constant need for nurses and other medical professionals. But as of today, where of we stand on this change? We’ve listed below in no particular order a few of the fields you should consider whether you’re someone thinking of a track for college, or just trying to find a new career path.

  1. Physical therapists

With the constant invention of new items, people start to more and more interested with extreme sports. These exhilarating activities are quite the experience, but is also one of the leading causes of injuries. Physical therapists are therefore needed to aid in the healing process of these accidents, and also patients who suffer from different body and muscle problems.

  1. Database administrators

Business today have started to rely more on softwares and programs to track their invoice, sales record and overall keep all files organized. Jobs for database administrators are increasing not only for big companies but also within startup businesses.

  1. Financial analysts

The financial industry continues to grow and therefore is getting more complex. It is in this regard that in the coming years more professionals in this field will be needed. The public has also been lately aware and interested with investing on mutual funds, therefore studying the trend will be booming in future.

  1. Network and communications engineer

The discovery of faster communication technologies such as fiber optics and other specialized devices has led us to project that there will be more professionals needed to setup and monitor the upgrades and maintenance of networks for corporate buildings and even households. As businesses implement almost all transactions online, it is imperative that management of a reliable data service provider is managed well.

  1. Medical assistants

In some countries like Japan, there is a never-ending invention of new and advanced gadgets for the health industry. However, they are currently dealing with the dilemma of facing a generation comprised of the elderly population because of low birth rates. New technology will require medical professionals to be able to handle equipments. With the continuous advancement of the medical industry, there is a need for experienced medical assistants.

  1. Environmental science technicians

We are all aware of the climate change happening with mother earth today. Typhoons that are stronger than previous records are washing households away. Because of this, there’s a constant growth for professional environmentalists that study our current state and provide solutions we can implement. One example would be creating a disposal system that less harms the environment and monitoring pollution to create ways in lessening contamination.

These are only few of the probable tracks you might want to consider. It is undeniable that our world is changing, and so we must be equipped with knowledge that can help us in the years to come. We hope you find a career that you are passionate about.